Friday, September 26, 2008


so....i applied for a job yesterday. a job as an academic counselor for school to be unnamed. the job description stated that a college degree was required. i said yipee and proceeded with the application process. i faxed my resume in and in 1 hour i was called back asking if i would be available for an interview. yipeee!!! i scheduled a time, was told about more requirements of the position such as hours and traveling circumstances. then came the part when the very nice lady asked me if she could ask me some questions, to which i said sure. first question, do you have a bachelor's degree. answer, no. then very nice lady setting up interview said that she would have to deny my application because i do not have a bachelor's degree. my response to this was simply that THAT particular requirement was not mentioned in the advertisement for the position.
i guess my bitch, is just the fact that doesn't experience count for anything anymore in this world? so if i had a bachelor's degree in basketweaving, i would've gotten my foot through the door? i had all of the qualifications that they were looking, except the fact that i haven't worked with the higher education population. i've worked in customer service as well as worked with a wide range of people dealing with domestic violence, sex abuse and at risk youth and just because i don't have a bachelor's i'm denied???? come on people. don't get me wrong, i'm not dissing on having a bachelor's degree. it shows that you've shown the committment to stay the course and better yourself educationally. i'm also not trying to dis anyone having a bachelor's in basketweaving. i'm just dissappointed, i guess, as to the fact that i can't even get an interview because i don't have one? i have an associate in human services, which for this particular position, in my opinion, is a better qualification than baskeweaving.
ultimately, i'm just venting and it's their say as to what they want in an applicant. so i have to either do something about it, or just stop dwelling on it. obviously, their HR department is not going to change. the nice lady i was talking to said that they would keep my application on file in case something comes up where a bachelors is not required. to that i say oh well.
until next post...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gotta love that Customer Service thing.

I work in customer service. (yeah me...bleh) Which means that I have to be very two-faced or I get complained about to my boss. When I worked at Planet Hollywood, this lame manager use to dog me out all the time because one minute I would be swearing up a storm to my friend on the phone and the next minute I would answer the phone and speak oh so sweetly to a potential customer. Again, customer service.

So here I am at my job just minding my own business when I get a phone call from somebody that obviously HATES their job and has decided to take it out on me. In a perfect world, I would've loved to tell this customer (bitch) where she could stick her information that she was looking for. Unfortunately, I couldn't (it's that customer service thing again) so I had to kindly ask this customer (bitch) for her information in order for me to help her. She proceeded to give the loudest sigh in the history of sighs before she started to spew out the information that she needed. After she was finished, I asked her for one more piece of information that I needed in order to kindly help. OMG, I guess that that had brought her to her point of postalness. This customer (bitch) went off on me telling me that she has already given me ample info and asked me if I just started at this job. I kindly informed this customer (who is now on my fucking bitch list) that I was trying to get ALL of the information so that I can look for her answer as quickly as possible. I also added that I had been working at this job off and on for almost 21 years and had learned from my father who started the company in the 70's. I then asked her (which I shouldn't have, but at this point I didn't give a shit) how long she's been working at her current position. After that, as quickly as she had gone postal on me, I suddenly heard silence. It was one of those silences where you know the person is just sitting there with their mouth half open with nothing to say. (how you like me now biatch) So I asked her to hold on and looked for her information. I came back on the phone, gave her her information and kindly asked this customer (totally facialed bitch) if I could help her with anything else? She timidly said no and hung up.
God, how I love this customer service shit.