Friday, January 16, 2009

Holy Girl Parts Batman!!!!

so yesterday, my husband and i found out that we're going to be having a girl. i just wanted a healthy baby, but a girl will also do just fine. there's one small problem. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU DO WITH GIRLS????!!!! i have nieces but i never really took care of them as infants. you have to wipe a certain way and you can't be too rough. you mean i can't just throw them on the bed while we're playing? you see, in our family, especially in the next generation there are five boys and only two girls. again, the two girls i have never really taken care of as infants. i have no idea really what to do. i'm not even a girly girl as those who know me can attest to. put up her hair in cute barrettes? how do you do that? make cute little ponytails? what do you mean i have to brush her hair? i don't even brush my own hair. wtf???!!!??? bows? little headbands? huh? am i gonna have to go to the mac counter and get some quick classes so i can at least show my daughter how to but on some kind of makeup when she gets older? OMG. i think the walls are starting to spin. little purses and froo froo dresses? sheesh. well, at least i have girly girls around me who i'm sure will be able to froo froo out my daughter to the nines. and with the two grandmothers who will definitely be FIGHTING (oops i mean COOING) over my daughter, then i'm sure everything will be fine. i just can't wait for my son to have someone to keep him company or should i say a little sister to beat him up and he can't do anything because #1: she's smaller & #2: she's a girl. but in the end, i believe that God doesn't give us anything that we can't handle. so since everything happens for a reason, there's obviously a reason she's going to be coming into our lives. i just want clay aiken to come to the hospital and sing the stevie wonder song like he did in scrubs for my daughter. oh well, here's to welcoming a brand new girl in our lives. however she turns out, i just want for her the same thing i want for my son. i want them to be who they are and be happy.

until next post.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

watchu gonna do with your dash?

so yesterday i went to my uncle's funeral. it was a "nice" funeral, as most are. the thing that stood out the most was one of the eulogies. one of my uncle's childhood friends came up and listed the dates that my uncle was alive. so and so date - 2008. then he said that the birth and death dates aren't really as important as that dash. the dash, or what you did with your life before and until the day you died. that kinda stuck with me. we're all not getting any younger and i was just thinking about what i've done with my dash. i'm not gonna go into my dash, but it's just something to think about since i was reading The Rambler's: Think About It Thursdays blog.

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Friday, January 2, 2009





it's 2009. crap, where the heck did the year go? actually, i know where it went but that would take me a whole nother year to type about it. here's to 2009. new beginnings, new hopes, new dreams & later on in the year, a new little somebody to snuggle and cuddle with.

maybe i'll just start to blog about more random things like i started out doing but then ended up blogging about stuff that kinda pissed me off. i did make one resolution for the year, NO RESOLUTIONS. i mean, how many of us actually stick to them? i know not me. i will always remember when we USED to go to the spa. every year it was the same old thing. in the beginning of the year, the class we used to take would be super packed. filled to the brim with all of the new year's resolution people swearing that this was the year that they were gonna shed those extra pounds. by the time march & april came around, half those people were nowhere to be seen. and by about the summer, i would say about 99% of those people were gone. that's why i don't make resolutions. they just don't work.

work, oh yah, i should do some.

until next post.