Tuesday, October 7, 2008

adult drinks

so, far be it from me to dis someone who is trying to make money. times are hard. i understand that. but do we lose our integrity in the process just to make a quick buck?

back at the end of september, my husband, son, and i went to a function at a nightclub that shall remain nameless. i think the draw to the event was the name, but other than that it was way too overpriced. so we go in and the door person puts a bracelet thingy on my son and gives us some stub looking thing, yet doesn't explain what it's for. we go inside and there is a dj playing music, but he's it also seems like he's practicing for another gig because he's trying to scratch while the songs are playing and when he's transitioning to new songs it's just all f'd up. the mc was boring as hell and kinda seemed like she didn't really even want to be there. so we decided to stay regardless because we wanted to get somewhat of our money's worth but never really got into it.

then here's the integrity part. this is a CHILDRENS' EVENT. about 30mins after we got there, i hear the mc tell the crowd, "just a reminder to all your parents, please keep your adult drinks away from your kids." WTF??? what do you mean ADULT drinks??? adult drinks at a primarily CHILDRENS' function???? principles, values, and integrity people. again, we all are feeling the pinch during these trying times, but....come on!!!!!! after i hear that announcement, i just give my husband this look. a look that says about 50 "f" words in it. we decide ot leave about 5 minutes later.

when we are going out the door, the doorperson asks us for our ticket. i say, "what ticket?" she says that ticket that we gave you when we put the bracelet on your son. ok, maybe that tidbit of information should have been explained when we first walked in the door?? i understand that it's for security purposes and that great. but i wished i would've known the procedure beforehand just in case i had thrown that little slip away. luckily, my husband had it in his pocket which he then showed to the lady and we got to take our son home. but what IF i had thrown that away? would there have been a huge commotion at the door and i wouldn't be able to take my son home????

obviously, we're NEVER going to this event again. i just think that if they have been making adult drinks all this time, they're lucky that nothing bad has happened. if they keep making adult drinks, i just hope nothing bad happens because that would be a huge liability if anything did. i'll keep my fingers crossed for them.

until next post.