Monday, July 28, 2008

A New Experience

When I was little, I played Soccer. When my husband was younger, he played Tennis. It was tennis that brought us to the Kailua Raquet Club yesterday evening to watch the Blue Moon Mens' Doubles Tournament. I have never watched tennis except on tv, so this was a new experience for me and one that I would do again. The people were friendly (this guy gave Nico free ice cream), the food was decent and there was actually beer and alcohol being served. I was also surprised to see such an ecclectic mix of people. I guess tennis is something that appeals to everyone. Nico had a great time running around and actually paused to watch the match for about 2 minutes. Then he was off and running. I'm thankful to my husband for bringing us to the tournament to experience something new.
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Wow!!! That was quick.

back in august of '07, we were deciding whether we wanted nico to start preschool when he turned 2. we decided for it because we wanted him to get used to a class environment, socialize with other children and we wanted to give my parents a break since they were watching him everyday. after he turned 2 in august, we started nico in september '07 with excitement, anxiety & high hopes. we learned that he was considered an early 2 and was the youngest in the class. we discovered that our son is not a bit camera shy (must get that from his dad) as we bought his first of many school picture packages to the tune of about $115 which contained EVERYTHING (you know, except for the kitchen sink). we then experienced, that it would take our son about a week and a half to stop crying everytime we dropped him off. for the former, i would have to give my husband extreme props for being the one who would have to endure the crying since he dropped our son off. we also found out that they go through alot of pullups at school. probably just as much as we go through at home.

now it's july '08 and today is the last day of school until august 4th. on the 4th, nico will begin in the 3-4 class in a new room with some new faces and some old. the teachers in his class will be ones that he's familiar with from the 2's. in the 3-4 class, they don't allow the kids to come to school with pullups anymore. they have to come to school with underwear only. this would be great except for one catch...he's not potty trained yet. so instead of buying the motherlode of pullups, we have to buy a crap load of underwear since i'm sure he'll have more than one accident during the day. the good thing about the new class, is the fact that the tuition goes down about $50.

i really can't believe that the year went by so quickly. sheesh, is this how i'm gonna measure my years now? at the beginning and ending of the school years? yikes!

so here's to a soon-to-be new school year. another year of learning, discovering, mistake making, and experimenting with new and wonderful things that he can add to his world.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

A Pretty Good Night

soooo, i went to lovefest this past saturday. i was kinda dreading it since i haven't been since '05 when i think i was the only person there who was 8 months pregnant. that's what happens when you have give your husband a ride. thank God for brenda who came to hang out with me. i was dreading the people walking around like zombies banging into you. i was dreading the strobe lights. i was dreading the squealing sounds that come up every so often from a variety of songs playing on the main stage. the dread that i had did come to play. there were the zombies banging into me, the strobe lights that made it hard for me to step over the people sitting on ground in random places, and the squealing coming from various songs. on the other hand, i found a place to just hang out on a grass hill, away from the zombies and was able to listen to better music from a great dj who didn't play squealing music. i ended up having a great time with some great friends. thank God for the three different stages. am i going again next year? i'm not too sure. it all depends on what plans life has for me. until next post....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is the way that I feel today. There was just too much to do and to do it by myself didn't help matters. Granted, I should have said something but as always, my mind frame is, "Do it yourself. That way you're the only one to blame." When I left the house, I pretty much did everything. I'm just hoping that he remembers the things that I had asked him to do. Bye for now...with fingers crossed.