Monday, August 1, 2011


Today was first day on our Disney or Bust Tour. We decided to start off by going to California Adventure. Nico and Kelcie had a total blast!!! Kelcie did get scared in A Bug's Life 3D movie, so I had to take her out right in the beginning. I was pretty hesitant to let him go with Rich, but Nico went on the Tower of Terror. He said that it was great, but doesn't want to do it again. The only problem is now he thinks that he can go on ANYTHING. So right now he's bugging to go on California Screaming and is habut because he doesn't meet the height requirement.
We went to check out Talking with Crush the Turtle from Finding Nemo. It's interactive and they call on people from the audience. So Nico was one of the kids picked. They told him to ask a question and he asked, "Who was the first president." That's my son, he couldn't just ask a normal 5 year old question. He's gotta come up with something totally left field. Sheesh. Then Crush came out wearig a bikini and he asked Nico what it was. My son said that it was a bra (definitely his father's son). Then Crush asked him what it was for. Richard and I were shitting bricks because all we could think about was that our son was gonna say that it was for boobies. Thank God he didn't. He said that it was for girls. Whew. We were ready to run out of the theater.
We took a break about mid afternoon because we were all tired and hungry. We tried our best not to buy any food in the park since a hotdog and chips will run you about 6.25.
We rested in the room and came back to California Adventure just in time to watch Nico's favorite Phineas and Ferb. He got to dance with them and did a great robot.
We'll be off to Disneyland in the morning. Our main goal for the day will be get Nico into the Jedi Training Academy. It's a show where they pick kids from the audience to come up and "train" to be a Jedi. We told Nico that if he gets picked, we'll get him a lightsaber. So now he's on a mission.

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