Thursday, January 8, 2009

watchu gonna do with your dash?

so yesterday i went to my uncle's funeral. it was a "nice" funeral, as most are. the thing that stood out the most was one of the eulogies. one of my uncle's childhood friends came up and listed the dates that my uncle was alive. so and so date - 2008. then he said that the birth and death dates aren't really as important as that dash. the dash, or what you did with your life before and until the day you died. that kinda stuck with me. we're all not getting any younger and i was just thinking about what i've done with my dash. i'm not gonna go into my dash, but it's just something to think about since i was reading The Rambler's: Think About It Thursdays blog.

until next post.


The Rambler said...

Sorry to hear about your uncle, Mary!

I agree with the friend that said to make the dash the most important part.

Rhaingel said...

Condolences. As human beings, that is our ultimate goal: to make the most out of that dash. It made me realize things, too. Thanks for posting and sharing this! :)

Kalei said...

Hey Sorry about ur Uncle. I think the Dash statement will stick with me also. Hope you have a fun filled DASH -the kids make it pretty lively. Miss you, we will all have to get together when I come home for moms wedding, whenever that is.