Friday, January 2, 2009





it's 2009. crap, where the heck did the year go? actually, i know where it went but that would take me a whole nother year to type about it. here's to 2009. new beginnings, new hopes, new dreams & later on in the year, a new little somebody to snuggle and cuddle with.

maybe i'll just start to blog about more random things like i started out doing but then ended up blogging about stuff that kinda pissed me off. i did make one resolution for the year, NO RESOLUTIONS. i mean, how many of us actually stick to them? i know not me. i will always remember when we USED to go to the spa. every year it was the same old thing. in the beginning of the year, the class we used to take would be super packed. filled to the brim with all of the new year's resolution people swearing that this was the year that they were gonna shed those extra pounds. by the time march & april came around, half those people were nowhere to be seen. and by about the summer, i would say about 99% of those people were gone. that's why i don't make resolutions. they just don't work.

work, oh yah, i should do some.

until next post.

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The Rambler said...

SHUT UP>>>>>>

you FINALLY wrote something...thank GOD...:)

Mary...Happy New Year!!! I soooo can't wait for the little one to arrive :)